How to contact the school and when?

You can contact the management at mobile number: Br Mahbub - 0420 495 785, Sr Salma – 0403046865, Sr Nawal – 0402424498, during the weekends (school time).If you call during weekdays, do leave your message on the voicemail and if you have pressing need, please email. During the weekdays it is recommended to email at <info@gmis.org.au>.

What are other programs and activities at the school?

Other activities include, class projects, Iftar party, Eid party, school trip, Qur’an competition, Fundraising day.

How can parents help?

Parents can fill in the volunteer Staff Application Form, submit to the School Management. The Management will then get back with the relevant task that can be undertaken.

Can parents help at the school and at home?

Yes, parents are always AND strongly encouraged to help, as it is a community based School.The school needs help for watch over kids at the break times and general help during special events or projects from time to time.

At home?The school time is very limited therefore continuity from home is indeed very important to ensure the students understanding is complemented with actual practice at home.

Are the teachers volunteers?

Yes, indeed they are volunteers sacrificing their weekends for the sake of continuing Islamic education to younger people for Canberra Muslim community. When a comparison is made with regard to the effort and the sacrifice of family commitments and the amount they are paid, one would realise the commitment outweighs the pay.

Is it taught in Arabic?

The medium of teaching is English.

Why is it only during the weekends?

It runs during the weekend, in order not to clash with the other school working hours and to make it more manageable to the children.

How long is the class each day?

Usual working hours of the School is from 10:00am until 1:15pm (Including Dahur Prayer) , with a short break of fifteen minutes in between.

What if my child is above the age of five and wants to apply?

As for all children above the age of five will be required to attend an oral assessment. This is deemed necessary to assess and evaluate the child’s knowledge and understanding on Islam; in theory and in practice. The child will be placed on the level he/she is suitable.

What is the age group of children who can attend or register?

The age group of the children attending the School is between 5 to 12 years old. A child of age 5 is thus considered to be eligible to start The GMIS.